Why Family Dentistry Makes Sense for your Family!

An estimated 75% of people suffer from severe to slight dental phobias. While the exact reasons for phobias like these vary, they often stem from the uncertainty which comes with visiting a different dentist at every appointment. But this is a fear you can do away with altogether when you seek family dentistry instead.

That’s because, as their title suggests, family dentists are professionals who offer a wide range of care for patients of all ages. Rather than passing you along to a new dentist for various treatments, a family dentist has the expanded education and experience to tackle all your care with few exceptions. Even better, this broad range of experience means that the whole family can develop a relationship with one dentist with whom they can always trust and feel safe. Ongoing treatment brings all manner of benefits for you as a patient. For one, you get to enjoy the convenience of booking appointments for you and your spouse, toddler or teen on the same day. You can also rest easy that your family dentist will come to know you and your specific dental needs over the years—meaning more personalized care.  You will never again feel like you are a number in a production line!

Peninsula Family Dentistry– Your New Gig Harbor Family Dentist
If you’re looking for top notch family dentistry in Gig Harbor, it doesn’t get better than Peninsula Family Dentistry. Thomas Duffy, DDS, leads a knowledgeable, experienced dental team offering treatments for babies to adults. This could soon become your one-stop dental office, taking both the fear and hassle out of every appointment. Whether you’re a parent juggling young kids, a grandparent, or somewhere in between, discover the ongoing dental relationship, you desire.

Your Experience
At your first appointment, Dr. Duffy will set aside up to two hours to learn about your overall health and dental history. He and his team want to ensure you and your family a thorough assessment so you always receive the care you need to help your teeth, mouth and body be as healthy as possible.

Once you and your family have become acquainted with our team, you’ll be able to enjoy our wide variety of treatments, including:

 Children’s dentistry
 Hygiene and teeth cleaning, gum care, oral health checks
 Cosmetic care
 Restorative care (like fillings and crowns)
 Emergency dentistry

Never again will you have to sit in the waiting room for a dentist you haven’t met. Never again will you have to wonder “what type of care you will get this time?” And best yet, your family will enjoy an ongoing relationship that helps ensure they will feel at ease with dentists for the rest of their lives. So, whether it’s your child’s first appointment, a complex situation including a variety of restorative procedures, or a consultation about dentures or implants, trust Dr. Duffy and his team.

To schedule your appointment, call 253-525-4050 to talk to a member of our team today.

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