Quality, Affordable Dentistry Near You

Quality, Affordable Dentistry Near You. At Peninsula Family Dentistry in Gig Harbor, Washington, we do everything we can to provide you with the best dental care possible in a calm, relaxing environment. We also strive to keep your care affordable while using the latest practices and technology.  

In addition to our uncompromising quality standards, our top priorities for you during each visit include your peace of mind, safety, comfort, and overall health. Additionally, we offer a number of ways to assist you in achieving affordable care without sacrificing the quality of your smile. No matter what kind of services you need now, we’re here to improve your health and smile, and boost your confidence!

Preventive Dentistry Can Help Your Bottom Line

The best start to paying less for dental care is to practice good oral hygiene, take a good, purposeful look at your eating habits and diet, and have regular checkups. If you brush twice a day for two minutes and floss or water floss daily, root out or minimize refined, simple carbs (especially dry carbs and sweets), as well as have regular checkups, the chances of your needing additional dental work (known as restorative care) can drastically decrease. 

Ways to Pay for Your Dental Care and Save

At Peninsula Family Dentistry, we offer several ways to help make your dental care more affordable. Each year, many dental insurance plans offer two fully or partially covered hygiene exams. And if you are without dental insurance, we offer our custom Dental Membership Plan for children and adults, including two hygiene exams, needed X-rays, an emergency appointment, and 20 percent off other care (such as fillings or crowns) all at a low monthly cost. 

Our website also lists the dental insurance plans we are in-network with, the payment plans we offer, our Dental Membership Plan, major credit cards, and/or CareCredit or Varidi.

Learn more about our most common ways to pay for your care in our “Patients” section on our home page:

  • Dental insurance.
  • Our Dental Membership Plan (which is not an insurance plan).
  • Payment via cash, check, and most major credit/debit cards (with a courtesy discount if you pay your balance in full the day of your appointment.
  • CareCredit and Varidi payment programs.

Worry-free Dentistry

Some people become nervous when their dental appointment approaches. Although your first appointment will be a new experience, you will quickly see that we treat each person as the unique individual they are–and we always enjoy humor and the laughs which follow! We encourage everyone to tell us if they are anxious about anything. We have several ways to help you be stress-free–from sedation dentistry, pain relief, and payment options. 

My team and I at Peninsula Family Dentistry look forward to meeting you. Please know we are ready to help you settle in and achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you’ve been dreaming about! For more information, call us at (253) 525-4050, online chat with us, or request an appointment.

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