Your Family Dentist in Gig Harbor

Visiting the dentist with your kids can be a pretty tough experience. It’s hard enough getting them to go, but then you sometimes have to visit two different dentists to treat everyone. Many dentists in the Gig Harbor area won’t treat patients under a certain age. So, you have to find specially-qualified children’s dentists to ensure they get the treatment they need. 

Or, you could search for a place that offers Gig Harbor family dentistry – like us! We believe that the whole family should get the same high-level of dental treatment, no matter how young or old everyone is. With family dentistry, we can treat children and adults at the same time. There’s no need to go to two different dentists, and you can attend appointments as one large group. 

What services will family dentistry provide?

You get all the regular dental services for adults. This includes various restorative procedures, dental hygiene, and so on. But, the key difference is that family dentistry also provides these services to children. 

The majority of dentists can treat children, yet they just choose not to because kids can pose a few difficulties. For one, they’re hard to coax into the dental chair. Secondly, their attention spans wander, making it tough to sometimes proceed with treatments. And finally, kids are the most anxious and fearful patients out there, which leads to plenty of tears and tantrums! To avoid all of this, some Gig Harbor dentists have an age restriction where they say they don’t feel comfortable treating children. 

We find this problematic as kids need quality dental treatment from a young age! Many of the common oral health issues can be prevented if they’re addressed when children are young. We can spot things early on, preventing them from developing into severe issues. 

As such, we offer a full range of services for children at our practice. This includes a standard examination of their mouth and neck, digital x-rays, teeth cleaning, fluoride varnish, teeth sealants, and educational talks to help them look after their teeth & gums at home. 

Why should you consider Gig Harbor family dentistry?

Three reasons: 

  1. You guarantee that your children are seen by a qualified dentist who knows how to handle kids of a certain age
  2. You can book your own checkup at the same time to save a lot of effort
  3. Your children have access to regular checkups and a range of other dental services

The bottom line is that children have different oral health concerns than adults. There’s the worry of baby teeth not erupting correctly, or adult teeth forming in an improper alignment. We can treat your entire family – including babies that are just a few months old. Our family dentists will check that their teeth are in excellent condition and that everything is developing as it should be. 

So, if you’re looking for family dentistry in Gig Harbor, Washington, then we can help! It’s better to see the dentist as a family because your kids will feel less nervous having everyone else around. The earlier your kids start seeing the dentist, the more accustomed to treatments they become. As a result, family dentistry can also help to prevent dental anxiety when your children grow into adults.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions about Gig Harbor family dentistry.

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